Every damn day

Over the past three months, I’ve worked out pretty much every morning for 30+

Knowing vs feeling

Recently, I’ve been thinking about a few things that have happened to me, which

Building mental strength: an interview with author Amy Morin

Like most things in my life, I first found out about Amy Morin‘s book,

The 12 Joys of Teaching is back for 2015!

After the success of last year’s 12 Joys of Teaching challenge, I couldn’t resist

Colour coding in maths

So, this week in maths was all about multiplication. The majority of my maths

Setting and growth mindset – are they really mutually exclusive?

At the start of half term, I read Debra Kidd’s blog post on setting

#Blimage challenge: Darth Vader, flow and learning

After seeing the #blimage hashtag on Twitter several times and wondering what on earth

Users ask, they listen: introducing ClassDojo groups

One of the things I enjoy most about being a ClassDojo UK Community Lead

My #summer10

I love this idea from Rachel Jones and knew I would have to join

Subject responsibilities in primary: doing less and doing it better?

I read this post about subject specialisms in primary on Sunday and it inspired
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