#DailyWritingChallenge Day 66: Clarity

When everything is uncertain, everything that is important becomes clear.

Towards the beginning of lockdown, I saw this quote doing the rounds. How odd that such unsettling times could potentially bring greater clarity, but when I’ve taken a moment to reflect, I realise that it has done just that.

Greater clarity, for me, has meant not standing in a wobbly place – for any longer than I need to that is. The truth isn’t that wobbly places cannot be avoided if your job involves any sort of leadership. Some days it feels like the very definition of leadership is navigating the wobbly places; couple that with a crisis like a global pandemic and you are undoubtedly in for some turbulent times, but greater clarity can be found by looking at how we can step away from the unsteadiness before we completely topple over.

In practical terms, not lingering in the wobbly places has often meant making decisions instead of waiting for others to make them for me, or us as a school. It has sometimes meant being the first one to call a situation or putting yourself ‘out there’. This won’t necessarily feel easy, but it typically does feel less wobbly. It has allowed us to find some certainty in the chaos.

Finding the strength and confidence to take decisions and not wait on others has come from ensuring that it aligns with my values. This doesn’t mean it will be the most popular decision with everyone who will be affected by it and it may well be one that leads to more additional work, but in spite of that it typically brings a feeling of relief along with it.

Relief and clarity often go hand in hand, I’ve realised, and as one increases, so does the other. During one of the many tricky times that partial school closure has thrown at us, a colleague pointed out that every single time we had made the decision that was right for our school and in alignment with what we believed, we had felt immediately better. She was right.

In the end, global pandemic or not, coming back to values-based decisions and aligned action can help you to find greater clarity.

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