My #summer10

I love this idea from Rachel Jones and knew I would have to join in. I don’t think I always do make the best of my summer holidays so maybe this will help. What is #summer10? Rachel explains:

I wanted to make the summer holidays purposeful and do something that have meaning for me, and the #summer10 was born. Here is the deal, you decide at the beginning of the holidays 10 things that you would like to achieve, and then report back at the end how you did. There is no guilt here – so no feeling bad if you don’t get them all done. I also think one ONE should be work related, you know, to keep the work life balance thing in check. I would really like a lot of folk to get involved with this, and really make the most of a teachers most precious time of the year.

So here’s my #summer10. A lot of these points seem to be around setting good habits as I find it’s easier to do when work isn’t there to get in the way. Then, maybe, come September I can keep them going.

  1. Do #yogaeverydamnday. I’ve been getting into yoga at home for some time now and I can’t quite explain it, but starting my day off with even just five minutes of the good stuff some how sets my day up right. It clears my head and tends to lead to me make healthier choices, whether it’s what to eat or just generally taking better care of myself. The physical benefits are obvious too. Anyone wanting to try out yoga, should check out Tara Stiles’ YouTube channel. She demystifies the whole thing and makes it accessible for everyone – love her approach.
  2. Meditate. Without doubt linked to the point above, but I’ve read so much about the benefits of regular meditation and mindfulness and have dabbled in both, but it hasn’t stuck yet because I often feel too busy to do it, which is the whole point of why I need to do it, but anyway! I bought Meditation Made Easy from The Book People last they visited school so I’ll see if that helps.
  3. Have a Bloody Mary. I’ve never had one, I probably won’t even like it, but let’s give it a whirl.
  4. Start each day with a smoothie. I love my Nutribullet, but again having one everyday goes in phases. I try to make smoothies that are 75% veg and 25% fruit to keep the sugar in check.
  5. Drink a cup of green tea every day. It’s good for you, not hard to do and I quite like the odd taste after years of drinking the stuff on and off – my kind of habit.
  6. Build a website for a little project I have going on. It’s for something I’ve never done before and I’m really excited about it! I can’t say much more than that at the moment… ooh, cryptic.
  7. Get outside more. With my nephew, with friends, on my own, with a borrowed dog, walking, running, reading – it matters not.
  8. Get my act in gear and buy my own place. Or at least get the process going again, I should say. It’s time.
  9. Write, write, write – my TES edtech column starts in September and there are a few other projects going on too. And while it is all edu-related, I love it. I choose to do it.
  10. Ok here’s my work one: finish writing up my NPQML submission. Gah. I’ve been doing bits and putting it off for so long, I now need to knuckle down and finish it ready to submit in September. That will feel good to see the back of it! Of course, there are lots of other work-related bits to do too, such as get my head around my changing role next year (need to blog about that), but I’m only allowed one so I chose the one I least want to do for this to help hold myself to account. Hope it works!

What does your #summer10 look like?

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