Creating a vision

When I was interviewed for my subject leader roles, I was always asked to create presentations to share my vision for that subject or phase. I always found it the ideal opportunity to uncover ideas and seek out schools that were already doing what I wanted to do.

Since then, I’ve realised that updating your vision is still a great exercise to do – even if you’re planning to be in the same role. So, at about this time last year, just after the KS2 SATs, I got to thinking about the coming year and I’ve just started to do the same again: what worked this year? What hasn’t gone as planned? What new things have I discovered that I want to try? I read up on things I made note of a while back, I start looking at the children coming up to my phase and start considering their needs, I feed my brain and I start keeping notes. This all then ends up in my phase leader action plan for the next year ahead.

Some of the fuel for my new vision for UKS2 arrived in the post today (see below) and I’m intrigued to see where it might go.


Brain fuel

Brain fuel

Whatever your role in school, create a vision. Use it to guide you, drive you and keep you going – and never be afraid to tweak it as you go.

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