#proudofmyselfie one year on: some new ideas

Thanks to my Timehop app, I was reminded that yesterday was a year to the day since I came up with the idea for #proudofmyselfie, and strangely enough yesterday I was also at The Education Show talking about coding and some new ways to use #proudofmyselfie.

A year on since #proudofmyselfie was born.

A year since #proudofmyselfie was born.


For those who haven’t come across #proudofmyselfie just yet, the full blog post is here, but essentially it’s about students (and adults!) taking photos of themselves, that share something they are proud of. The idea came to mind when my class last year really struggled to share achievements because they thought it felt like bragging. It seemed here was a blurred line between being arrogant and being proud. Anyway, since blogging about it so many people have joined in with the idea and shared their own #proudofmyselfie on social media and it’s really taken off.




Doing other things with #proudofmyselfie

As ever, what started as a random idea has also helped develop new ideas. Amy Harvey tweeted me recently after blogging about how she encourages children in her class to identify work they are proud of by sticking a start next to it, which she then turns into a #proudofmyselfie. Her year 8 son’s teacher, Fiona Ritson, gets her pupils to draw a camera symbol next to work they would like photographed and shared – I love this idea! Yes, it might not be a ‘selfie’ technically, but it’s all about encouraging children to feel proud of their work and that’s really what the whole project is all about.


New ways to share

Social media isn’t the only way to share a #proudofmyselfie either: you can go old school and just photocopy it and send it home or how about sharing a #proudofmyselfie with parents using the Class Dojo parent messaging system? Parents download the free app on their smart phone and it allows you to instant message them without sharing any contact details. I think it’s really important to not allow the only time you contact a parent to be about something negative so sending home a #proudofmyselfie could really help promote positive parent relations.

However you choose to do it, try getting your class to share a #proudofmyselfie and see what happens.

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  • Love this idea and the camera symbol for work that you’re proud of! Thanks for sharing … May shamelessly steal…

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