Tweet the joys of teaching: a 12-day project

Despite the fact that teaching can be tough, and at times it feels like there’s a lot of negativity coming in from all directions, most of us know that it’s also a very special job to have. Otherwise, why would we do it? So with Christmas well on its way, and all the madness that comes along with that (10 tons of glitter, anyone?), how about putting all the draining rubbish aside for a bit and focussing on the joys of teaching?

On Monday the 12 Joys of Teaching kicks off. It’s a-12 day social media project, with a new challenge each day, which aims to spread a little positivity. The idea is you post/take photos of your challenges and share them on social media using the hashtag #12joysofteaching to create Twitter streams/Facebook newsfeeds of joy about teaching. Or you know, something like that. Essentially, it’s just a bit of fun and hey it’s Christmas, so why not get a bit cheesy and get involved. If you’re in, let us know – it’s definitely a case of the more the merrier with this one!

Big thanks to Rachel Jones for helping me shape some of the challenges with her excellent suggestions and Ian Addison, Cherise Duxbury and Ana Maria Gach for being generally positive about the whole thing.

Tweet the joys of teaching for 12 days

Tweet the joys of teaching for 12 days

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