15 second computing: videos 1–4

Like me, I’m sure you’re pretty time poor – it’s the default setting for most teachers. So I was thinking, how could I help teachers prepare for the new computing in as little time as possible? And so 15 second computing (#15seccomp) was born: a series of 15 second Instagram videos that introduce various elements of the new primary computing curriculum. 

The short time limit imposed by Instagram forced me to strip back each topic to its most vital components only, which was a tricky but useful exercise – had to drop the waffle and decide what really needed to be shared.

Of course, this is not the answer to your computing CPD needs, but it might be a starting point. Or a not-entirely-pointless way to spend 15 seconds. Videos 1–4 cover algorithms, networks, search engine selection and search engine ranking. More will follow as I make them – maybe I’ll have the whole primary computing curriculum covered in five minutes?


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