#proudofmyselfie – using selfies in school

“Miss, I reckon this could go viral.”

Well, maybe or maybe not, but either way my class and I are on a bit of a mission. Let me explain…

Over the past 12 months selfies have hit the headlines more than once: the word officially entered the dictionary  last year and just this month, the #nomakeupselfie went viral, which saw thousands of women taking cosmetic-free pics of themselves in conjunction with making public donations to Cancer Research UK. Once the realm of teenage vanity, it seemed the selfie had finally come good. This got me thinking: could there be a way to use the popularity of selfies in a positive way in school?

Quite out of nowhere the phrase ‘proud of my self(ie)’ popped into my head and so the #proudofmyselfie was born.

So we’ve started a project where pupils take photos of themselves with text explaining something they’re proud of. We’ve started tweeting them and want to display some around school too. All very simple really.


Why not join in and tweet them using the hashtag #proudofmyselfie? What has made you proud of yourself recently?

Teachers can be proud too - and make-up is permitted.

Teachers can be proud too – and make-up is permitted.


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