This year, as a year 6 teacher, all of my class will have the pleasure of sitting the new spelling, punctuation and grammar (SPAG) test. Now, this isn’t really a blog post about my feelings towards said test. However, I will say that in my experience teaching children to correctly punctuate isolated, random sentences (such as those in a test perhaps) and teaching them to use the same punctuation correctly when in the flow of their own writing are two different things – the former being easier. So all in all, I’m unsure that the SPAG test really will raise standards in literacy, which I believe is its aim. Anyway, it’s here (for now) so moving swiftly on…

A while ago, I came across Danny Nicholson‘s Bad Maths Flickr group, which Danny describes as: ‘a place to store all those images of crazy special offers and examples of things that just don’t add up. The aim is to be able to use these in maths lessons.’ I love this and thought that maybe it might be worth starting a similar group with photos of real life examples of bad punctuation, spelling and grammar. I’ve set up a Picasa album to house them so please feel free to tweet me your examples of bad SPAG and I’ll get them added. They could then be used in class or however you see fit.

Keep your eyes peeled for those missing possessive apostrophes and capital letters, folks…


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