Why do you blog with children? (2)

Today, I spoke about blogging with children at a Primary ICT Coordinators network meeting in Croydon. I honestly can’t imagine not having a class blog now so I was more than happy to share my ‘blogging story’!

Afterwards, I got some great feedback and many people seemed really enthusiastic about starting to blog with their classes. Hopefully some blogging training will follow and some other schools in Croydon will soon starting blogging too. Below is the prezi I made, feel free to use this if it looks like it might be useful for you.


  • Thank you Claire for your ideas and inspiration. We have just set up a school blog which is currently being used by 2 of our teachers who are visiting our partner school in Tanzania. It is proving a real catalyst to getting the rest of the school – staff, pupils and parents – used to the idea of what is a blog. I hope to get blogs going in different classes over the next couple of terms as I can see from your blog and other schools’ blogswhat an impact it is making on the children’s writing.
    Good luck with the blogging at your school – and maybe we will bump into each other as I see you are in Croydon and my colleague (@bluetherabbit) and I have been meaning to come up to a teachmeet there this year.

  • Claire Lotriet

    Sandra, thanks for your comment. It’s always lovely to get feedback – that’s what blogging’s all about actually!

    If you need any help with any aspect of setting up your blogs, please don’t hesitate to give me a shout. It would be great to catch up in person some time.

  • I thinks this post is very interesting to bear in mind. I think blogging about school work might be so inspiring for both the writer and the reader as well. you can even reflect your own experiences, and that’s always enriching. Once you get to know what others do, I mean kids at school, you realize the so many “worlds” which exist.
    I hereby leave my blog, which deals with kids topics but in a different way. I’d appreciate i you could drop by and leave any comment you want.
    regards from Argentina =)

  • Hi there
    I am new to blogging and am very keen to get my class started to give them a sense of purpose for their writing. Is there a blogging site that you use or would recommend? Ideally, I would be looking for something very low cost or free! Your posts are really interesting to read – thank you!

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