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Coasting schools: more questions than answers

Since the definition of ‘coasting’ schools was released today, I feel like it’s created

Evaluating digital content: 6 resources for teachers

Teaching responsible Internet use has always been been important and as of September 2014

#Nurture1415 – thinglink style

It’s that time of year again: time to reflect on the highlights of the

Getting physical: computing at Raspberry Pi Towers

I was lucky enough to be one of 20-odd educators to be selected to

Westminster Education Forum: the big message about computing

On Wednesday I presented at a very different sort of conference compared to what

My #nurture1314 post – with a bit of a twist

What’s #nurture1314? Well, teachers all over twitter are putting together #nurture1314 blog posts: 13

What really matters in 21st century education?

This week I stumbled across a New York Times article by Tom Friedman, that stopped

To protect or not to protect?

I threw this out to the Twitterverse for discussion yesterday: Considering unlocking my tweets.

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You’re leading a carpet session or whole class discussion and some children are frequently
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