The 12 Joys of Teaching returns for 2016!

Two years ago, I started The 12 Joys of Teaching as a bit of light relief for teachers during what is often a long, tiring and glitter-filled term – read about that here and here. After a few requests, and because I also just quite enjoy it, it’s back for a third year.

What a year 2016 has been eh? Probably best not to go there… Anyway, for that reason, I’ve gone simple this year and made it all about focussing on gratitude and appreciation. There’s two things in life, amongst others, which can often help you feel better when you’re not feeling your most sparkly self: one is to focus on the things you feel grateful for and the other is to be part of something bigger – by joining in with The 12 Joys of Teaching this year, you get to do both!

So, join in if and when you can and have fun with it. Share anything on Twitter using the hashtag #12JOT.

Thank you for taking part. 🙂



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