Users ask, they listen: introducing ClassDojo groups

One of the things I enjoy most about being a ClassDojo UK Community Lead is that they really do listen to the feedback from their users – their latest feature is a clear example of that. I know lots of ClassDojo fans have asked about groups – as in the ability to set up groups within a class – and hey presto, they’ve just announced ClassDojo Groups. Now you can dish out Dojo points to pre-defined groups, rather than having to select a group of children each time.

Here’s how I can imagine using this new feature in school:

  • Table groups: reinforcing positive actions in class such as being the first table group ready or the tidiest etc
  • Reading groups: reinforcing positive learning behaviour during independent tasks
  • Tasks that involve teamwork: one example from last year that comes to mind was the Apps for Good topic my class did where they had to work in teams to produce an app prototype. It would have been great to be able to use ClassDojo identify teams who achieved different targets
  • PE: if the sport we’re focussing on is a team one, groups could be using to reinforce skills learned and used or even winning – I never did get the non-competitive sports thing! The fact that groups can be easily changed would make this possible to change up each week
  • Trips: if the class is split into groups with different adult leaders, it could be used on the road
  • Intervention groups: it’ll be easier to assign points to groups where other adults are working with them too

In fact, I reckon more ways to use groups in ClassDojo will crop up as we all start to use it more. What ideas do you have?

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