Sequence, selection, Google Forms and stories

I’ve been tinkering recently with a project that combines two of the key elements of computer science – sequence and selection – and literacy.

Sequence is about the order that instructions (or algorithms) have to be carried out in, while selection introduces choice into sequences. Using conditional sentences is a really good way to model and explain this concept. E.g. if I do this, then that happens, but if I do that then this happens etc.

I’ve come across the idea of using ‘what happens next?’ stories to teach this idea before. This involves writing a story with multiple endings, where the reader makes a decision about what happens next at different points in the story. However, recently it occurred to me that you could create such a story using a Google form and the multiple choice question type option. When including multiple choice questions in a Google form, there’s an additional feature you can use that leads the user to a certain page based on the answer they select.

Google Forms

Google Forms

The best way to start is to map the story using a branching tree diagram.  I kept it very simple, with just yes and no options, but you could extend this to make it more complex. From that you can transfer the structure into a Google form. Each point in the tree diagram is a new page of the form.


Plan a ‘what happens next story’ and then build it using Google Forms

Check out my very simple story below to get an idea. You could make this project much more involved by also getting the children to create their own images for each page using digital photography or illustration. Here’s the link to the story plan too.


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