The year that was.

NB: I did start this post in December 2010, but to be quite honest I just didn’t feel ready to write it. The task of reflecting on 2010 and looking toward 2011 was something of daunting one for me, but hey I just decided to bite the bullet and do it.

2010 was a pretty big year for me because I survived my NQT year. Actually scrap that – I enjoyed my NQT year! It was, without doubt, the hardest year of my life but absolutely worth it. There were highs such as:

  • having my own class. My own! Definitely a very special thing and I had a cracking class to start my career off too.
  • having my class teacher from my first placement as my partner teacher. We could not be more different and yet work so well together. Our working relationship just seems to get better and better and I’m beyond grateful for that.
  • moving over to a creative curriculum. Linking subjects, creating cross-curricular schemes of work and generating new ideas is the way to go in my humble, newbie opinion.
  • organising trips. The first one I led was daunting but when we got it right and saw how engaged and excited the children were it made it all worthwhile. By the way, I would totally recommend going to The Horniman Museum if you’re in the area. It was 100% free and the The African Worlds workshop was brilliant.
  • developing the use of the VLE within my class. It just became part of my teaching, planning and the children’s learning, not an add on. I enjoyed that process hugely.
  • the Big O visiting in the penultimate week of the year (ok, the timing wasn’t so much a high really) and recognising the hard work the whole school had put into changing things. After days of little sleep and much stress, hearing the ‘good’ result produced tears and hugs. I’m actually grateful to have experienced Ofsted so early on in my career.
  • going to the Primary ICT Conference organised by my LA. Brilliant networking opportunities with useful people which I have abused since!
  • joining Twitter. I signed up over the summer of 2010 and to say it has opened my eyes to new ideas, resources and ways of thinking is the understatement of 2010.
  • being asked to have my first PGCE student. Not something I found easy at first, but again the experience really did me a world of good.

Of course there were lows and hard times – I seriously had no idea what an arduous task writing end of year reports was – but they honestly don’t stick out for me. And so to 2011. What’s to come? Well…

  • keep working at getting the VLE used more across the whole school. It’s happening too which is just great to see.
  • setting up a VLE leaders scheme.
  • hopefully some class blogging once the above has taken off a bit more.
  • my first BETT. Exciting.
  • my first TM. More excitement.
  • embedding more ICT across our year group’s schemes of work. Green screening for a start…
  • more tweeting. I think this year I’d like to share more because I feel I take a lot from other Tweechers but don’t give enough back.
  • Lots more that I don’t even know about yet!

That last point sums up what it is I enjoy so much about teaching – no two days are ever the same. Here’s to a successful, productive and varied year.

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